Wednesday, August 8, 2018

#14 - Hercules in New York/Hercules Goes Bananas (1969)

Hop in a chariot and chow down on a soft pretzel because this week hosts Cam Smith and Tony G are bounding back to the ridiculous days of 1969 when Mr. Arnold Strong was a determined young upstart chasing Hollywood dreams... to unintentionally side-splitting results! An oft-mocked example of bad movie filmmaking, this umpteenth take on the mythic Greek demigod is a goofball fish-out-of-water comedy that sees the towering titan heading into the city in search of athletic glory, weird friendships with fast-food vendors and (maybe?) romance. While pretty much a non-starter for the big guy's career, does it still count as a genuine Schwarzenegger vehicle? And is it really as terrible as everyone says? Tune in and uncover the truth for yourselves, mortals!


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