Thursday, October 25, 2018

#19 - Red Heat (1988)

Check into a fleabag hotel and workshop some lame dirty jokes because this week hosts Cam Smith and Tony G are performing their own mismatched partners routine while tackling the Schwarzenegger/Belushi buddy cop thriller Red Heat! Directed by macho movie legend Walter Hill, this comedic Capitalism-meets-Communism actioner would seem on paper to have all the ingredients necessary to inspire a bang-up entry in the well-worn sub-genre. But is that the case? And how stellar a match do its two stars make, following almost immediately in the footsteps of all-time pairings Glover & Gibson and Nolte & Murphy? Ride along with the podcast duo as they determine whether this 1988 Arnie vehicle is hot... or not!


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We'll be back in two weeks with Eraser!

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