Wednesday, February 5, 2020

#51 - Rating Arnold's Cameos

Toss a medicine ball and start trolling Sly Stallone because hosts Cam Smith and Tony G are storming the archives in order to rate and review Arnold's many, many memorable (and not so memorable) cameo appearances! From box office hits like Dave, The Rundown and The Expendables, to oddball curiosities such as The Kid & I and Beretta's Island, there's no shortage of material to consider. Does the patented Schwarzenegger star power always save the day? Or should some guest turns be stricken from the record? And which is the big guy's definitive all-time greatest surprise spot? Tune in and discover which efforts topped the duo's YouTube scavenger hunt!


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We'll be back in two weeks with The Game Changers!
The Cameos:
The San Pedro Beach Bums: "Lifting is My Life" (1977)
Liberty's Kids: Est 1776: "Valley Forge" & "James Armistead" (2002-2003)

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